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Spring is around the corner and rain is beginning to arrive. The birds are having their young ones and flowers are blooming early. It’s time to open the windows and take a breath of fresh air after two years of stifling wonderment of restrictions, entrapment, and disappointments. While we wonder if anything will change, we can always hope for new opportunities where for once, we can gain the upper hand.

Will there be a time when something will help us hear better, or tune out those disturbing noises in our head or make us less wobbly? It would be so nice to know that someone has our best interest in mind. Perhaps this year….I heard the Standards for Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids are due out this year. Will this be effective? It will for many with mild to moderate hearing loss, but not for people with severe to profound hearing loss. We will need Congress to get on the ball and have the Legislation passed in Washington DC.

Inventions are coming right and left these days for all of us – too numerous to stay in touch. Medications like the RX to OTC is one interesting idea. Other ideas are devices that work alone or with hearing aids. NeoSensory These and other innovative watches are making their way into the market since consumers are not satisfied with what is available. Choices, price, flexibility, options, and alternatives puts the consumer in the drivers seat instead of the other way around. Science still paves the way with research backing up the data.

It is fascinating to see how this draws in the reluctant but resistant bystander who rationalizes that this is not such a bad deal. Of course, previous purchased hearing aids are still found in the top drawer of the bureau, but the newer devices just may do the job. We will see.

If you have any unused hearing aids, drop them off at your local library, audiology office, the Lions’ Club or bring them to our next HLAA Chapter meeting. They can always be refurbished for some to wear that can not afford one or two of them.

I am working for you on a number of projects this year including FDA approved Clear Windowed Masks for our Hospital/ERs and Medical Clinics campaign; Hard of hearing books for our libraries; Captioning in our Zoom Meetings and Better Sound Systems in our Sun City Center auditorium meetings.




Eloise Schwarz
  Chapter Leader
  HLAA Sun City Center Chapter
  Meetings every 3rd Tues @ 12:15pm
  (414) 807-4373

All of these projects require monetary support to accomplish. Your donations are appreciated.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on February 15, 2017 at the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce
for the Hearing Loss Association of America, Sun City Center Chapter (HLAA-SCC).

Richard Herring, President of HLAA-SCC cutting ribbon with Bill Dauber, Treasurer and Richard BeeBee, Secretary present.


HLAA Sun City Center Chapter exhibit table featuring various literature on hearing loss. Table is set up and staffed by chapter members who are present at public expos, meetings, and gatherings.

Locations in Sun City Center with an induction loop installed

Sun City Center Community Hall

Sun City Center Florida Room

Beth Israel Synagogue

ST. Andrew Presbyterian Church
Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall

Ruskin United Methodist Church

Publix Super Market at Kings Crossing
Aisle 8, Pharmacy, and Customer Service Desk.

Prince of Peace Catholic Church

First Baptist Church of Ruskin Sanctuary

Aston Gardens

Sun City Center Caper Room

Sun City Center Rollins Theater

Sun Towers Retirement Center
Auditorium and Dining Room

First United Methodist Church
Sun City Center

Freedom Plaza, Auditorium

South Shore United Church of Christ