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Right now, there are only three of us running this Chapter. We are volunteering our time and energy to serving this community by helping to educate, advocate, and provide information to many people who are not always interested in what we are about. There is a certain stigma or disgrace to saying anything about being ‘hard of hearing’ or ‘deaf’ these days. However, I am the first to say that I am and have many problems because of it. No one informed me that I had this INVISIBLE DISABILITY, and I suffered all my life because of it. Now I am paying for it. Are you?

Today, science and research show what hearing loss does to the brain and the body when untreated. There is an urgency to getting out the word and to make sure everyone, young and old, knows what is at stake here. The Hearing Loss Association of America is a special organization, which focuses on people with hearing loss. Our Chapter is part of that organization. We focus on people with hearing loss. We are a family that understands all of the nuances of what it means to not being able to hear in a hearing world. There is a distinct difference between the two. I have always been in the non-hearing world.

How about you?

Will you do your part to ensure that we are able to continue to serve the community as we have since 2008?Your tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated. Please contact chapter leaders for more information

Would you join us and help to support our Chapter?

Donating water, coffee or snacks for the meetings

Greeting guests at the meetings

Take attendance at the meetings

Gather surveys at the meetings

Donate for Captioning at Meetings

Help Set up our HLAA Meeting Table

Our Sun City Center HLAA Chapter:

Work exclusively with the Sun City Center Men’s Club as our Sponsor for Special Projects

Partner with St Andrews Presbyterian Church for in-person Monthly Hybrid Meetings on Third Tuesday at 12:30 P.M.

Provide Hearing Healthcare Professional and Specialists for speaking at our self-help meetings with up-to-date and applicable information

Collaborate with South Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce and Ambassador for educating communities on Chapter activities

Maintain active website with go-to Hearing Health Statistics and interactive Learning

Supply resources and educational materials via emails, website, meetings, expos, fairs, Chamber and in-person meetings when arranged.